My story

When I was preparing for my wedding, one thing I needed were white shoes. Ideally, the shoes in which I could wear during the ceremony, reception, wedding dance, and evening party. I wasn't used to shoes with high heels at all. I was afraid my legs would hurt. Just to be safe, I packed my favorite ballerinas shoes with me so I did not need to to buy another pair of white shoes without heels. I got my "my wedding shoes" in advance so I could practice with them at home. I was nicely surprised that I had no problem in these shoes from the beginning. On the wedding day, I managed a long ceremony on a meadow, taking photos outdoor, the entire party with my family and friends, and also dancing. 

I believe that My wedding shoes will make your wedding day more pleasant for you, because they are

  • comfortable
  • elegant
  • beautifull
  • quality


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